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We love Mastins and we think you will too once you come to know them. These are loyal working dogs, used in rural Spain as guardians of livestock. They have a natural instinct to protect. But there are thousands of these dogs discarded, chained up, abandoned in a perrera and left to die through no fault of their own.

Our aim is to rescue and home as many Mastins as we can, to provide them with happy futures and give the British public a chance to appreciate and welcome these lovely dogs into their lives. We also aim to influence legislation in Spain which reduces the level of cruelty to animals that is common place when you look beyond the holiday resorts and into the reality that is the culture of Spain. Puppies being stoned by children in the streets as sport! Limbs, ears, tails being hacked off for no reason. This must and will change. We will do our part and support the many wonderful people committed to the same change as we are.

So browse our site, get to know these dogs, and if you have room in your life and your home, adopt a Mastin. I promise you they will leave the biggest paw print on your heart.


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Mastins are a fantastic beautiful soft natured breed. I've had my two for 14 months and they've come on so well. I also have one foster and love them all.
Julie Evans, Adopted June 2017
Julie Evan's mastins
I have adopted Ruby Tuesday and am currently fostering Mr P ( aka Presley ). They are like chalk and cheese but they are so great together. Ruby is high energy and always on the look out whereas Presley just likes to chill out. They give each other confidence and make our walks double the length because they are always going over to people for strokes and scratches. Ruby is my shadow and is always loyal to me, very much my best friend, and Presley loves anyone and everyone, but particularly my partner Brandon so we have one each. They are the most loving dogs that just keep giving.
Alice Robinson, Adopted and fostering 2018
Presley and Ruby Tuesday
We rescued Elvis with the help of Brigitte in January 2017. About 6 months later we got Carrie Fisher, again via Brigitte, as a playmate for Elvis. It was love at first sight and they are now the best of buddies. Mastins are an amazing and loving breed of dog. In the right circumstances best to have a pair. They will give you loads of laughs and unconditional love.
Janette Coleman, Adopted Elvis and Carrie in 2017
Elvis and Carrie
Megan arrived from Spain at 16 weeks. She immediately installed herself as the centre of attention, much to the initial disgust of Daisy and Basil, our existing non-Mastin rescues. From the off she has been massively affectionate, super friendly and determined to always get her own way ( and who are we to stop her ? ). 6 months later she and Basil play endlessly in the garden, and we continue to be tempted to adopt every single dog we see listed.
Dave and Debs, Adopted by Megan in Dec 2017
Megan the Mule

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