Posted by: Fara of Fara's Dogs
First posted:August 3, 2023
Arenita's lost one of her eyes
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Urgent foster for 20 months old Arenita who is stuck in the pererra (municipal dog pound).

This beautiful baby, only 20month old is in perrera, she's a big girl, who entered pererra with an injured eye and had difficulty walking, she's lost her eye since and still has some mobility issue (it's very likely that she had an accident and been left untreated) please see the video in the comment section.

She is a soft and a gentle girl and volunteers say that she's the gentlest, most wonderful and loving dog in pererra right now, who gets on with everyone and every dog and urgently needs a foster home to address her injuries and start recovering before it's too late.

She's in a pererra in Murcia and been there for the past 3 months!

Can anyone help this beautiful girl?