Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:September 13, 2023

BINGO Handsome Mastin x Boy looking for a home
Born January 2022
Mastin X
This very handsome and kind mastin boy is looking for his forever home. About 75cm to shoulder, no real education as such due to growing up in Spain with no one to care enough to guide him. But he is naturally sweet as you can see from his face. Love his spotty nose!
He is near Huelva, but we can get him to Malaga so he could travel anywhere in Europe. The important thing is that he needs a good home.
So if you are looking for a beautiful young dog, to give a life to and build a relationship with. If you have the space, time and patience to educate him, he could give back so much to you.
He has only been in the countryside so everything else will be a shock to him.
He is currently confined to one room, never goes out, pees and poops in there, it’s terrible we need to find him something. Mastins are naturally clean outside dogs. This must be hell for him.