Burt Reynolds

Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:December 31, 2022

Meet the magnificent BURT REYNOLDS
1 year old mastin. Soooo very handsome. Such a gorgeous character. He is an active rather than sedentary mastin! They seem to fall into one side or the other but still super kind and friendly with everyone.
Rescued from the perrera about a month ago. Bloods are clear he is just a super dog. Someone will be very lucky indeed.
He’s currently in Malaga area but can travel if we can find a transport space!
Will get him measured as not sure how tall. Looks 72cm ish to me.
Burt would love a home with a garden and lovely rural walks on his doorstep, and a friend to play with. Won’t be castrated before 18 months old.
All vaccinations bloods, chip and passport done.
Form an orderly queue ... and please complete an application form from www.mastinmatters.org/application