Posted by: Marta of Las 1001 Patas de Marta
First posted:October 15, 2022

Crash is a stunning pup needing to be REHOMED URGENTLY! The family that adopted her is heartbroken because the situation was completely unexpected and they could have never imagined this would happen.

Here we have the description about Crash’s personality from the family:

“This is Crash, she is 11 months old. Due to circumstances beyond our control and through no fault of her own, we have to rehome her.
Crash is a lovely, loving puppy. She gets along with our cats and our other dog. She loves children too and gets along well with ours, my kids are dog savvy and she does listen to their commands. She can be left alone for short periods of time, 2-3 hours but we have been working with her to extend this time frame
Crash is friendly with all dogs and always wants to play. She’s energetic, loves to play fetch but her idea of fetch is when we throw the toy, she will go get it and bring it back on her terms.
Crash is a large breed dog; she is a Spanish Mastin and still has some growing to do. She hasn’t been neutered yet due to this. Crash also thinks she’s a lap dog and will try and curl up on your lap.”

Would you be the person opening your doors to this incredible pup?!