First posted:January 20, 2023
Damsel - rehabilitated after years of abuse as a breeding machine
Damsel a sad, neglected old girl, now rescued and safe
Damsel - learning to trust
Damsel - safe at last
Damsel - finally enjoying home comforts
Damsel  - becoming confident at her foster home
Damsel - enjoying being an inside old lady
Damsel - helping with the almond harvest

URGENT message from Damsel's fosterer:
We are still struggling to find a home for this lovely old girl and I go back to the U.K. in ten days 30/1/23. One of my ASAP colleagues wants to adopt her but she’s currently living in a townhouse (up for sale) and will take her as soon as she buys a house with a garden so if anyone could offer foster for possibly six months, that would be fabulous. My heart is breaking watching her sleep right now.

Damsel is a gorgeous 7-8 year old Mastin.

She had been used for breeding, mistreated and finally abandoned, when of no further use. She has been in foster with me for 18-months and has transformed from a scared and neglected dog to a happy, playful and loving pet.

Sadly, I have return to the U.K. and as much as I’d love to take her with me, the journey and the winter dampness will not be good for her as she has a degree of hip dysplasia. This does not hinder her general mobility and she can run and play, but does find too many steps problematic.

She gets on well with all other dogs and completely ignores cats even when they come right up to her face! She is a very easy dog who needs so little - laying in the sun or shade during the day or in front of the fire in the evening. She enjoys a stroke, loves being brushed and loves food although this has to be limited so that she doesn’t gain excess weight. We are looking for a loving home with some outside space in Spain for her to enjoy her ‘retirement’. I have a full set of videos that show her progression throughout the 18-months that I have fostered her, for anyone wishing to see them. Please get in touch if you can offer Damsel the loving home she deserves. Based in Granada Province, Spain. Please contact us at asap.granada@gmail.com