Posted by: Nina of This is their happy ending
First posted:August 24, 2022
Handsome Elliot
Nap with a friend
Elliot strides forth
Another nap
Hi there
When is dinner?

Elliot is an 11 month old Mastin. He came over from Spain in November. He was adopted , and was fine for a few months but then Elliot nipped then bit due to his resource guarding. Wasn’t a serious bite but he’s bitten and Elliot has now been given back to our rescue .

Elliot is in a rehab kennels and they have been working with his resource guarding but he will need on going work with his new adopter. Elliot needs a confident adopter to show him his boundaries. He’s fine with dogs but with a meet a greet he’s needs to be introduced slowly.

Elliot has learnt some manners while being in kennels and he’s such a cuddly boy. He has come on leaps and bounds and is a loving boy with the right people.

We need to get Elliot a home now because he doesn’t want yo stay in kennels,. They have had no problems with Elliot while he’s been there. He’s been fine with the dogs around him.

Elliot is in Carlisle. If you're interested in this gorgeous boy and would like to meet him please contact me.