Posted by: Victoria of Five Circles Dog Rescue
First posted:November 9, 2021
Farah at the pound on the lead
Farah with a volunteer
Farah, Spanish Mastin in a pound
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Embedded thumbnail for Farah

Farah is a dog currently in the north of Spain under the care of Five Circles Dog Rescue. She has just arrived to the pound. She is female approximately four years of age and 54 kgs in weight. She is very gentle and very calm. She does not walk on the lead well and as a good example of the breed she can be a bit stubborn. She was rescued from a very cruel animal trap which was around one of her legs. Although she does not have any lasting damage, a small scar is still visible.

We are looking for a home with adopters experienced in this breed which can give her the care and attention she needs.