Posted by: Elizabeth of S.A.R Altiplano
First posted:February 20, 2023
Martha full body shot
Martha Sitting Pose
Martha loves a cuddle

Martha has now been spayed ready for re-homing and the clock is ticking to find her a placement before she will have to return to the kennels in just a couple of weeks.
Beautiful Martha is a large, young, playful female who we believe is predominantly Great Dane, possibly crossed with Mastin.
Martha was spotted last summer taking shade at a local garage. She was no trouble to catch like many of the strays as she was super friendly, but was very dirty and painfully thin. She was thankfully taken in to the care of P.A.U rescue, Huescar where she remained until earlier this year. Unfortunately though, Martha is soooo friendly and soooo affectionate and soooo desperate for human contact that she does not cope at all in the kennels. She is still very young also and therefore is still learning to realise her own size and strength, which means that she can be quite intimidating to other dogs at first. This sadly also means that as she can not be left unsupervised at the kennels that she is having to spend most of her time shut in a small, dark kennel all alone.
I answered an emergency request for help to get Martha out of the kennels and have been fostering her on a temporary basis for the past couple of weeks. She truly is a beautiful dog and would make a wonderful companion, but time is running out . . . I already have 2 smaller rescue dogs here with nervous dispositions and very limited space. Martha is suffering without the necessary space, stimulation and play time.
PLEASE can anyone give Martha the love and security that she so desires and deserves? A forever home for her would be wonderful, but she is also available for foster (P.A.U will cover any necessary costs for her care). I think she would be ideally suited to somebody who has experience of larger dogs and who has some outdoor space for her to run around. She would also benefit from either being the only dog, but with somebody who has the spare time to provide lots of play, stimulation and affection OR somewhere where there are one or more other large dogs that she can play with. She is currently situated near Castillejar, Granada, but she can travel.
If you would like any additional information, please contact me via WhatsApp on +34 633945234 - Thank You