Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:September 13, 2023
Beautiful eyes gorgeous character.
Springtime Polar Bear
Likes to sit on You

Introducing MAYA Mastin X
This lovely, agile beauty is looking for a new home.
She was living on a small farm and was not accepted by their female and not calm with the livestock. From what we've seen she was overly playful. Their existing dog is very good with livestock and always has been.
Maya was returned to us 5 months ago. She is sensitive, for her first few days with us she wouldn‘t eat. Now has her appetite back and is playing happily with another dog. Definitely needs another male dog to play with and to give her confidence, or a very constant owner. Now she has settled, her loving nature and sense of humour has emerged. Shes a really super dog and one to be proud of.
She is nervous with new surroundings, noise and new people at first. She is playful absolutely stunning and very affectionate. She also has a sense of humour.
She was rescued with her brother Ronan, who is now in Scotland, they were in a rural part of spain and enjoy space and nature.
This girl ideally needs a confident male dog to hang out with or a family to be with you is constant and caring in their training with her. She’s definitely trainable, and will be an asset to the right people. As with all animals she needs some training and someone who will stick by her no matter what! She will reward you with devotion.
You can see the depth of her soul in her eyes. She’s looking for a quiet rural environment ideally.
About 75cm tall.
1 yr 8 months old.
Now spayed . (Spay date was March1st)
Currently in West Sussex