Posted by: Elizebeth of Penny Jones Animal Sanctuary
First posted:March 31, 2023
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Nora was rescued by Penny Jones Animal Hospice from a pound in Spain where she was found to be painfully thin and very shut down.

Now that we have got to know her and she has put much needed weight on, we think the time is right to try and find Nora a Mastin experienced home.

Nora was assessed by a Spanish vet who put her age at about 12. However, as with all rescued dogs, now that she is happy and healthy at the sanctuary, she looks and behaves much younger - more like middle aged. Nora looks as though she has had a number of litters of puppies and has quite a bit of baggy tummy skin.

She is a calm and gentle girl with that amazing bouncing jaunt. She is great on a lead but, naturally, prefers to be lead free in the sanctuary fields, strolling close to fields of livestock.

When Nora first arrived at the sanctuary, she was penned in a large kennel which opened out into a large yard - we thought this suited her well as it is in a central part of the sanctuary with lots to see and heat. However... Nora had other ideas and one evening she moved herself into another residents kennel and run - and stood there happily wagging her big fat tail and stubbornly refused to come out! With her huge paws firmly planted and a smile on her face, we listened to her and this has become her chosen home (luckily, the previous residents were very obliging and moved out without any trouble).

Nora tolerates other dogs but does not want to share her space with them.

Nora loves jogging up the fields as much as she enjoys watching the world go by. She lives aside pigs, horses, donkeys, sheep and goats, poultry and dogs, separated by gates and fencing.

Nora has a surprising bark! Imagine a husky but quite whispered "huff"!! It's certainly not what you would expect from this large breed beauty! Nora has dry eyes which require drops up to 4 times a day, depending on physical need. The drops are available online without a prescription and are inexpensive.