Ralph Fiennes

Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:June 29, 2022
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We rescued Ralph from a killing station along with 8 other dogs, 6 of them and their puppies are now with MM.

He was found wandering with Isla Fisher, our dear mama, who was pregnant and in a very bad shape. We think he may be the dad. She´ll be soon ready for adoption too.

Ralph is a calm dog, good with other dogs and humans. You can see him in the video, towards the end, along with Clive Owen.

Clear for Mediterranean diseases and neutered. Sadly Ralph has one hip that may need surgery. For this reason he is only open to FOSTER homes in Spain at this point.
He is a kind , calm dog who can mix with any other dog but likes not to be fussed with too much by them.

We´ll soon have more info and new photos.