Richard Gere

Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:June 29, 2022
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Richard Gere was saved from the killing station in Lucena, Spain, where he was about to be pts.

This lovely boy is 3 yrs old, about 75cm to shoulder. He is the perfect dog friend. He’s calm when you work, and will play when you want. He’s sociable with all people and dogs he meets.
His markings are a work of art, so special they make you want to photograph the pattern and frame it! (See photo)
He is super and non reactive to other dogs. He was stabled with Jennifer Aniston, and they were very happy together. Then she got a home and Richard is still waiting.
I have discovered he doesn’t like beef, but he does love his raw turkey, and chicken wings, and duck necks ... so he likes the birds!
He is excited by wildlife and loves his walks. The sheep are very interesting but now he’s been here a while he will get up close and personal with them and walk past or amongst them with no issues.
His cat test was good. He’s not interested in cats.
Richard is both althletic and calm, a rather good combination. He can really run and is loving having some space to do that. He equally loves his bed a will lay quietly beside you while you work if you work from home. He is not a big barker. We very rarely hear from him. He is an absolute diamond.