Robin Hood

Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:March 11, 2022
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This is Robin (Hood) he is in UK with me and will be looking for a home. At the moment he has a few transitions to make before a long term home can be found ... unless his next foster falls in love with him!
Robins life before now, began in adoption in Spain at 4 weeks old, from then he didnt interact with other dogs until he ended up in the perrera 3 years later. What a shock! He is therefore cautious about new dogs.
He has no tail, that can worry other dogs as they communicate with their tails.
He is the most sweet loving dog with people. When worried he just becomes a statue and won’t move, or curls in half making himself small as possible and lowering himself to the point when he is on the ground.
We have seen improvement since he has been here for 12 weeks. My feeling is he would do better in a home. He needs to be with his human more of the time. He is fine as you can see with my smaller dog Ola. She was a street dog and is very wise and non threatening. He barks in fear at the bigger dogs here when I walk them from their stables to the paddocks. He is fine on a walk with them though, once we get started.
He just needs love, company, consistency and to learn that the world is a safe place. I think having a calm confident medium sized female in the home would help him too. He could learn from another dog that is non threatening. So this is a bit of a Robin Wish List ... but if I don’t ask we won’t find it. So here’s hoping.
He can stay here for as long as it takes, I will continue to work with him daily, and sit with him when I can, to just be, in the same space with him for longer.