Ronan Keating

Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:March 1, 2023

The very lovely Ronan Keating
Rescued with his sister who is already homed and in UK, Ronan is also looking for a super home. As you can see he is used to big beautiful countryside. He is good with other dogs and friendly with all people he meets.
I year old this coming week and quite a big boy as you can see! Lol. He has no training as yet so will need to learn a few things but he is naturally the type who wants to please.
Blood tests all clear, he is ready to go as soon as we find his special home. He’d love a friend to play with. As you can see he’s was walking off lead in Spain, but they don’t meet other people with potentially reactive dogs out there! I do so hope we find him a lovely rural household for him to call home.
He still has more growing to do so not castrated yet. We try to leave these big dogs until they stop growing. (To prevent cruciate ligament and other structural problems.)
This dog really has a good temperament so do please share so he can find his people.
Currently in Malaga, but can travel.
Good luck Ronan