Sam & Olga

Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:September 28, 2023

Remember SAM & OLGA, found wasting away in the campo and then caught before we had a chance to get there and put in the perrera? They had a wonderful forever foster offer from Vickee Saville-Park but the rug has been well and truly pulled out from under her feet. With a 5 year rental agreement the house has been sold. Nothing can be found to accommodate most of the animals so our beautiful Mastin pair need to find another home.
As you can see both dogs are amazing with all sorts of animals, large and small so they are easy to integrate. Only get separated at feed times for safety and due to pace of eating.
Sam is not yet 2 Olga (His mum) is probably about 6-8 yrs old. Olga is still very thin but finally putting on a bit of weight. After numerous explorations at the vet it was discovered she is low in B12 ... they are negative to med diseases.
Ideally we’d like to keep them together .... if that is not possible then so be it. They are no trouble at all, yes they need feeding but as you can see if you have space they will grace the space in their relaxed manner apart from a couple of spurts of play each day.
Sam is very cuddly, he literally wraps himself around you. Olga has a quiet sense of humour and will sneak into the kitchen to explore any food potential. Great with horses, dogs big and small and people.
2 very special Mastin Espagnol ... they are the real deal. If you can’t take them in please share.
If you are not in Spain, we would help with travel costs to keep them together. This is an all hands on deck please. Let’s see what magic we can create for these two lovely dogs.