Posted by: Tracy of Give a Dog A Home Malaga
First posted:February 5, 2022

Meet Tiger. This young, handsome boy was recently rescued and has been living with a fabulous family in Competa campo. Since his rescue Tiger has shown what a wonderful, affectionate and loving lad he is, in spite of a rubbish start to his life he loves human contact and cuddles.

Tiger is a big boy but walks very well on the lead and is really a gentle giant.
He has been responding very well to training and is a clever chap.

Although in good health with bloods clear of all Mediterranean diseases, it’s been discovered that Tiger has, at some point in the past, suffered a break to his leg which has not healed properly. Whilst this doesn’t bother him unduly, it does mean he really needs a home on the level or somewhere where he can be easily exercised on flat ground.

Tiger is 2 years old, fully house trained, and fine with other dogs but would likely do best with an older canine companion or, as an only dog.

Fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and with his passport Tiger is ready to travel.

If interested please contact Tracy on 0034 711 07 78 30