Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:March 14, 2024

Spanish Foster Urgently needed for Travis
Currently in Velez Malaga. We can bring him to other places in Spain.
We rescued this lovely boy almost a year ago now. He was a special case. Totally traumatised by the perrera in Seville. He is a very shut down but sweet dog.
Not a nasty thought in his head. Just needs to be allowed to be in a home with others and loved from a distance. He can’t be cuddly yet but you never know.
He shares with all types of dogs and cats. No aggression not even over food.
He just stays back, watches, but allows other dogs to share his space if they want. He’s easy to accommodate

Can someone allow him to join their family?? Then he can continue his progress. We will pay all vet costs and contribute food too if required. I just so want him to know love, to learn to trust again.
If he doesn’t find somewhere he will return to kennel space. This will not be good for him.

This could be the most rewarding journey for someone. He has mixed with male PPP dogs, male Malinois and cats. He will share a bed he is just a sweet damaged boy and if we can mend him my rescue mission will have been all the more worthwhile.