Success stories

This is just a small selection of the many dogs that Mastin Matters have helped over the last few years. If you think your dog should be on this page please contact


Adopted March, 2024
Bertie jumped into a Ford Ranger headed to Yorkshire and never looked back! Good luck handsome boy,

Henry Cavill

Adopted March, 2024
Henry is now happily adopted with a super family in Scotland. They adore him. He's great with the kids and settled in brilliantly.


Adopted January, 2024
Jorge bagged himself an amazing home in the UK with lots of dogs friends to play with. Have a great life Jorge!

Olivia Rodrigo

Adopted September, 2023
Olivia is now living the dream in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Enjoying the sun and the sea, and some Good luck sweety!


Homed in Spain nearby September, 2023
The owner found an ideal home for her and was able to take her there early January 2024. We wish you a happy future Luna.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Rehomed April, 2023
From a very dark future in Sportdog, Sevilla to living in Holland, with a dog companion to play and enjoy long walks in the countryside.


Rehomed February, 2023
Wonderful Frampton bagged himself an amazing home in Spain,with a family that love him to bits! A perfect match!

Claudia Cardinale

Adopted November, 2022
Now living with father and young son in sussex. She has a big brother who is a Caucasian shepherd.

Idun and Frigg

Adopted July, 2022
Shortest Foster home in history! Only took 1 night for these two girls to find their forever home at Linda's home in Murcia. What a lovely sweet pair they are!! They now have a big garden where to play, roam and chill out with their 4 older new brothers. They are now Salt and Pepper!

Isla Fisher

Adopted June, 2022
Isla is now happily homed in Southern Spain. A very well deserved comfortable life after all she has been through.


Adopted June, 2022
Fergie was snapped out from MM in no time! She'll have a loving forever home in Scotland.


Adopted May, 2022
Morrissey is homed on a 90 acre equestrian retirement farm. Lots of space to run and play for this big boy!

Bruno Mars

Adopted April, 2022
Failed foster!!! Bruno's foster home could not resist the temptation of keeping this sweet boy with them! And so he is now living the best of lives in Spain.

Shirley Ballas

Adopted April, 2022
Shirley was found in a very bad state with 3 pups, 1 of which passed away. The other two, Kevin and Gorka are MM dogs too. She proved herself to be the most sweet and easy going girl, the perfect family dog. And off she went to a wonderful family in Leicester. They tell us she is a selfie queen and she is a pleasure to have around. Well done Shirley, you deserve the best of lives!

Kevin Clifton

Adopted April, 2022
Homed in Scotland keeping company another mastin from MM. Happy as ever!!

Taylor Hawkins

Adopted April, 2022
After having a rough start in life, this fella made it to a great forever home in Alicante. He has now a big garden where to run free and a big brother to play with.


Adopted April, 2022
Kaya's story is a long one. After a few years living in the uk she's now back to Spain to her initial foster home, where she'll be loved forever and will be able to have a peaceful life according to her needs. Good luck beautiful!

Lady Gaga

Adopted April, 2022
From being about to pts because her previous owner couldn't afford the vet's bills for a broken leg, to an amazing life near Eastbourne with Teddy. Lady Gaga, now Lilly, really is using her second chance in life to the full. Good luck beautiful!

Al Green

Adopted April, 2022
Al Green is now in Surrey, UK. He has an older sister to run and play with.


Adopted March, 2022
We saved baby Cillian from a perrera in Sevilla, he was already in the killing list. He did not have a good start once we released him as he fell very ill with corona and parvo. After one endless week this brave boy recovered and later his guardian angel, Joanna and family, came to the rescue all the way from Valencia to Sevilla to pick him up and take him home with them. He is now living the best life in their wonderful home, and has a big sister, Gaia, and two cat friends. Best of luck Cillian, you really do deserve it.


Adopted March, 2022
Keira was saved from a kill station in Sevilla with her brother Cillian Murphy. She travelled to Alicante where a protectora offered her a place where to stay and in less than 2 weeks she found a home with another mastín. Happy futures lucky girl!

Robin Hood

Adopted March, 2022
Robin finally found his perfect home with two other MM dogs. Such a great outcome for this shy boy.

Russell Crowe

Adopted February, 2022
This big boy travelled all the way to Wales and joined an amazing family with another MM girl, Maggie Smith AKA Cari, and a boy called Rumbo. What a lucky boy!

Morgan Freeman

Adopted February, 2022
Morgan was found wandering around an industrial area in Murcia. He had been living in the street for 6 months. He is now living the best life in Wales with a young couple who loved him since the first time they saw Morgan, love at first sight! He also has now a senior big sister called Bonnie. They sure love him to bits!!!


Adopted January, 2022
Tom is one of the Bridget Jones'Diary puppies. After a first adoption in the UK that didn't work, he found his forever home in Cornwall. An active home with another dog to exercise and play with! Pawfect!

Jackie Kennedy

Adopted January, 2022
Jackie is going to live in Alicante, with another young mastin, 2 boys 9 & 11 years old, some ducks and chickens, in a very loving household. Lucky girl.


Adopted January, 2022
Max's first dad experienced life changes and had to rehome his 3 mastins. MM helped him to move on rehoming Max and his brother Watsit. He is now in Derbyshire living with MM's Kim Basinger.


Adopted in Spain January, 2022
Watsit has really fallen on his 4 paws with a super family based in Alicante area. His first dad is in his 70's and experienced life changing circumstances resulting in needing to rehome his 3 mastins. Mastin Matters have helped him and the dogs to move on to better lives. Dorothy has groomed him and with good food and exercise Watsit looks so well and is very happy.

Donald Duck ( Duque)

Adopted January, 2022
Lucky Duque now called Aku (Finnish for Donald!) He has been adopted by a Finnish couple who spend half the time in Spain and the summers in Finland he will travel between the two countries with the family by road. We were asked to help a good rescue friend of ours to home this boy and he now has a very bright future indeed.

Bon Jovi

Adopted January, 2022
After being found in the Alhaurin Perrera all matted and sad, Jon Bon Jovi and his army of fans have made sure things got better each day. Cared for by Terrie at Cat & Dog world he arrived in UK on Wednesday and is already adopted 2 days later. His family consist of 3 generations of shepherd lovers under one roof. His friend is a shepherd x Giant poodle called Albert. Living on a prayer ... that was answered!

Bradley Cooper

Adopted December, 2021
We found Cooper in Valladolid perrera and we released him along little Bruce Dickinson. After a few months in residence in Murcia this lucky boy travelled all the way to Scotland where he is living a very happy life with his new family and brother.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Adopted December, 2021
What an amazing home these two bagged for themselves! Bill and Hillary are now living in the UK, near London, with a wonderful family with young children. They are very much loved and it seems as if they had been with them forever!!!

Lenny Kravitz

Adopted December, 2021
Our super star Lenny Kravitz bagged himself a super home in the UK with one of Adela's puppies, Agnes. What a good looking pair they are!!

Lois Lane

Adopted November, 2021
Lois is now living with a lovely young Spanish family in Huelva. We are delighted with all the trauma she has suffered that she does not need a long journey to her forever home. Be happy precious Lois!


Adopted November, 2021
From a kill list to a super home in Spain with lots of space where to run with her troupe of siblings. What a lucky girl!!


Adopted November, 2021
Archie was homed in Spain, his foster home couldn't part with him so he is now one of 7 dogs in a super home near Murcia, along with another MM dog called Zara Larson

Van Morrison

Adopted November, 2021
When we found Van he was so sad that he whimpered in his cage. This lovable and affectionate boy found a forever home in the UK, where he is living the best life! He's now loved and cuddled, no more whimpers for lovely Van Morrison.

Bruce Dickinson

Adopted November, 2021
We found puppy Bruce Dickinson in Valladolid perrera and a couple of months later he was adopted in Murcia where he is growing up happy and enjoying himself very much with his brother Luca. What a lucky boy he is!!

Margot Fonteyn

Adopted October, 2021
Margot was in a perrera when we found her. She was a big goofball that very quickly found her place in Emma Jones' home, one of the MM team members. She's now living with lots of brothers and sisters in Stafford. Never a dull moment at the Jones' household!

Wilko Johnson

Adopted October, 2021
We rescued Wilko when his owner in Spain couldn´t take care of him anymore. He was chained, unvaccinated and covered with ticks. He was only a puppy. Now he is living the best life in the UK with a super couple who are friends with the owner of Jarvis Cocker so soon they will create a new band!.


Adopted September, 2021
Little Dora, one of the Adela's litter puppies, was adopted early September and travelled all the way north to Scotland. What a great puppies they all are! Dora is now enjoying amazing walks with her dad, a professional dog walker. She's got so many friends!!

Johnny Depp

Adopted September, 2021
Johnny Deep was found in a very bad shape in a perrera. He had a very bad eye and we intervened fast to help him. After a pretty quick recovery Johnny found a lovely forever home in the UK. He is now living in a lovely farm with other animals and dogs. Big gentle Johnny found his happy place!


Adopted August, 2021
Quiles is one of the Q Pups that MM helped to re-home. There were 8 of them and they all found their own forever home. He is now in the UK.


Adopted August, 2021
Quila, one of the Q Pups, is loving life with a wonderful family in the UK.

F2 - QI

Adopted August, 2021
Qi lives now in Scotland with her sister Quori, both from the Q Pups litter. Safe to say they are loving life!


Adopted August, 2021
Lucky Queta, Q Pups litter, made it to Switzerland and she is now enjoying life with her new family.


Adopted August, 2021
From Granada to Scotland, where she is loving life with her sister Qi and lots of new brothers and sisters of all shapes and sizes!!!


Adopted August, 2021
Another of the 8 Q Pups, bagged himself a great home all the way to Switzerland!!!

Heidi Klum

Adopted August, 2021
It wasn't easy but Heidi finally found a very well deserved home in Scotland.

Emily Blunt

Adopted July, 2021
After a long wait Emily found her forever home in Sussex. It's such a perfect match! They adore her and she adores them. Perfect!

DANIEL Cleaver

Adopted July, 2021
His mum was rescued from the perrera when pregnant by Mastin Matters she was in a sorry state, but Daniel was therefore born into a safe environment. He is now living with Amanda in Uk , she is an artist and works from home so the lucky boy is wrapped in love.

KATNISS Everdeen

Adopted July, 2021
Having been rescued from a hunter, Katniss had a wonderful time growing up in Malaga area with her foster mum. When she came to she found a super young couple with another MM dog to play with called Ollie. She is very happy in her super garden in West Sussex, and is helping Ollie to be a brave boy.

GALE Hawthorne

Adopted July, 2021
Gale Hawthorn was rescued from a hunter along with six other pups, hence they were all named after The Hunger Games characters. He has been adopted by Wendy who lives on a smallholding in Herefordshire. She also hopes to run with him when he is older and strong enough. This lucky boy will have a wonderful country life with two other dogs as friends.

OLIVE Oil (Popeye)

Adopted July, 2021
Richie contacted MM for help to rehome Olive because he had to return to the UK after a run of terrible luck and losing everything in Spain. After making the difficult decision of going to his sister Tracy's in the West Midlands to take a job and get back on his feet, he didn't want to leave Olive behind. The rescue therefore decided to fund and organise Olive's transport to go and live with them and Tracy's dog. We hope everything works out in the UK!
One of his baby pics

TOM (Bridget Jones' Diary)

Adopted July, 2021
We rescued Tom's mum from the perrera when we saw she was pregnant. Pups born in perreras dont usually survive. His adoption was love at first sight! Tom won the heart of the lady who helps the UK MM base with the foster dogs. He went to her home for one night, with another puppy, and he worked his sweet magic on Jenny, who then confessed two days later that she wanted him! So he's just up the road and we get to see him growing up. As a bonus Tom has another dog to live with who is identical to his mummy Renee. <3

LINDA McCartney

Adopted June, 2021
Linda, now known as Gabriella, was adopted by Sallyann and Alan in Essex after they lost their female Great Dane to old age and were looking for a suitable companion for their 3 year old male Great Dane. She has also gone to live with their 2 Cats, chickens and snake. Best of luck – Sounds like a full house!

ZARA Larsson

Adopted June, 2021
Lovely Zara has been adopted by the wonderful Janice and Alan, retired expats living in a rural part campo area of Alicante, Spain, in the beautiful nationally protected Valley de Pop surrounding Lliber village with their two GSD/labrador cross sisters from the UK and Mastin/Lab cross, also adopted locally. Sounds perfect!


Adopted June, 2021
Eliot was found shot and abandoned and rushed to the vet just in time. Despite his ordeal, his trust in people was not dented and (after reconstruction of his jaw) this kind, brave boy was ready for his forever home. He has gone to live with Kate, Nick and their boys in rural Oxfordshire, where he has plenty of space and even more love!


Adopted June, 2021
Now known as Cariad (Cari), Maggie was adopted by Suzanne and Matt, who became instantly best friends with their big boy Rumbo in West Glamorgan, Wales on the edge of a small village not far from the Brecon Beacons National Park. Best of luck in your forever home!

PHILLIP Schofield

Adopted June, 2021
Phillip, AKA Pipo, was rehomed because instead of watching his flock in Spain, he wanted to play with them! Now he's found his forever home with Alina and her family in Aberdeenshire on a farm where his job will be to keep their other Mastin rescue (who is a pet and watches their flock for them) company. Perfect!


Adopted June, 2021
Humphrey has gone to live with Kevin in rural Lincolnshire who was looking for a furry best mate who he can take to work with him in the office at the bar. He has worked in a rescue at Mijas in Spain, so really knows Mastins. We wish them the best of luck together!


Adopted May, 2021
Renamed Eduardo (Big Ed), this Old English Sheepdog cross Mastin fur ball went to live with his new mum in Staffordshire, nice and close to his sister Fleur East, now known as Freeda. We hope they can meet up and have lots of fun together!


Adopted May, 2021
Little Atticus had an unlucky start when he broke his leg just prior to leaving for his new home in the UK and needed an operation and ongoing treatment. Thankfully, the wonderful Peter and Gavin who adopted his sister Beulah have also welcomed him into their home and hearts in the outskirts of Liverpool.


Adopted May, 2021
We are thrilled 'Helping The Perrera Dogs' Ferrero, now called Sancho, found his forever home with Terri in Bolton, UK via the MM site! He was from the Perrera in Mazarrón, Spain. Let’s hope lots more rescues use the site to find their Mastins homes too!


Adopted May, 2021
NOT A MASTIN but this gorgeous boy was with a great Spanish foster that was helping out with local Mastins for us so we felt compelled to help him home some of his other wonderful dogs. This boy has gone to live in leafy north west London with a lovely couple that are going to give him the love and attention he needs.

JUSTIN Timberlake

Adopted May, 2021
Justin has gone to live with a big dog loving couple that were waiting for the right time to adopt their newest family member. The stars aligned and we are sure he is going to love his new rural and coastal lifestyle, living by Kent's sandy beaches with a loving family.


Adopted May, 2021
NOT A MASTIN but this gorgeous GSD x staffie girl was with a great Spanish foster that was helping out with local Mastins for us so we felt compelled to help him home some of his other wonderful dogs. This girl has gone to live with an experienced couple in Reading to be with a another staffie friend and receive all the love and attention she deserves.

BELLA Thorne & SEB(astian) Yatra

Adopted May, 2021
These 7 year old Mastin siblings were abandoned in Murcia by their British owner who returned to UK. Thankfully they were taken in by Kim and her partner, also British expats in rural Murcia who have a donkey sanctuary and another set of rescued siblings.


Adopted May, 2021
Lucky Luke of 'Happy Tails United' found his forever home through the Mastin Matters website and went to Kent to live with a lady experienced with nervous rescues and her calm older GSD. He's already settling in well and soon will be introduced to her daughter's younger dog too.

Michelle HAYDEN

Adopted May, 2021
Hayden had a bit of a bad start when she started to become dominant with the resident dog, so had to be rehomed. Thankfully, she has found her forever home with an experienced retired couple who recently lost their dog and have lots of love to give her and time to train her.

HELENA Bonham Carter

Adopted in East Sussex April, 2021
Helena found her perfect family when all 4 of the Ross's came to see her and another puppy at our UK HQ. The daughter totally bonded with Helena and the deal was sealed! She is the perfect family dog, plays in the park and is much loved by all.


Fostered April, 2021
So pleased to help Dog Watch UK with poor Rubio, who had to be rehomed after he fell out with the resident dog, probably as side affect of steroid treatment for SRMA. Thankfully, Susy in Stockton-on-Tees opened her heart and home – fostering with the intention of adoption once treatment finishes.

BENJI Madden

Adopted April, 2021
Benji the mastin podenco cross has gone to live with a wonderful young family in the rural outskirts of Glasgow, where he will get lots of love and attention as well as a fabulous big garden to play in with their children and cat.

LIAM Hemsworth

Adopted April, 2021
Liam has been homed in West Sussex with his sister, after fostering him they couldn't let him go as he fitted in with their little tribe beautifully. He is now with a loving family with lots of large dog foster and rescue experience and other large dogs. Lots of trips to local woodlands and the beach awaits!


Adopted April, 2021
Enya has been homed in West Sussex with a loving family with lots of large dog foster and rescue experience, including their two big boys. She can look forward to playing with them in local woodlands and on the beach. Her brother Liam is also being fostered there until the right home is found.


Adopted April, 2021
Mani struck gold when he was spotted on the MM website by one of our community members who has a rural small holding with lots of land and animals. They contacted Spanish Stray Dogs UK directly and now he can look forward to the TLC he deserves.

LEVI Roots

Adopted April, 2021
Lovely Levi – not a Mastin but Shepard cross from Spain – was rehomed by MM with Sam, his wife and their little Jackchi in rural Derbyshire by lots of lovely woodlands. They have lots of experience with rescue Collies and Shepherds.


Adopted March, 2021
Max was a Valle Verde dog who had to be rehomed in the UK when his owner's circumstances changed a year after adoption. Sadly, he couldn't settle in his new home, so MM found Josh & Bryony, who fostered with the intention of adopting and now made it official!

DARCIE Vincent

Adopted March, 2021
Darcie has gone to an extremely caring and experienced dog owner, fostering some tricky customers in the past, and has two Mastins and a German Shepard with lots of space in rural Somerset, UK.


Adopted March, 2021
Gorgeous Fleur East, now called Freeda, an Old English Sheepdog cross Mastin puppy, has joined her new mum in the West Midlands. Have fun with your new best friend Dawn!

JOE Wicks

Adopted March, 2021
Joe Wickes was such a nervous chap when we rescued hi, Some dogs just need time and the right support at the right time. Thanks to Jane and her foster helpers, Joe has taken one year but is now a super dog enjoying a wonderful home in East Sussex with Lesley and her husband.


Adopted March, 2021
Libby (formally Pepa) needed a very special home! Thanks to the generosity of the MM FB community, she got her chance with extremely patient and experienced Micha who has lots of land and other dogs to give her confidence in rural Huddersfield.

Andrew De LUCA

Adopted March, 2021
Lucky Luca the Mastin collie cross went to a fab home with a lovely couple and their two daughters in West Sussex. Lots of beach walks, playtime and belly rubs are in store for this happy boy.


Adopted March, 2021
Mastin Matters were thrilled to have helped Asociacion de Animales de Berja rehome Nelson, who has gone to an active, young couple who live nearby in Gloucestershire and are experienced with large dogs.


Fostered March, 2021
Clara was brought to the UK by Dog Watch UK for Spanish charity Paws Patas but was pushing her boundaries and was going to be sent back to Spain. Thankfully, experienced MM foster Emma stepped forward and has been teaching her how to behave – now she is doing great.


Adopted March, 2021
Gresi was adopted as a 4 month old pup to the UK by Valle Verde but she was so nervous and just couldn't settle in her new home. She was going to be taken back to Spain but thankfully a MM foster saved the day and settled so well that she has now been officially adopted by Beth and her family.

THEA Vidale

Adopted February, 2021
Thea has gone to a really fun young family in Suffolk, where she has two children and another young dog to play with. Jax and her have hit it off right away, although he's not so fond of her stealing his food... the mischievous pup!!!

RAGNAR Lothbrok

Adopted February, 2021
Radnor was adopted by the very experienced and kind John and his wife in rural Lincolnshire, UK. He'll enjoy playing in their small holding and helping his new mum muck out the stables!
Handsome, Kind, Playful Mastin x

RYAN Reynolds

Adopted February, 2021
Ryan has gone to a fabulous family in Oxfordshire, where his new owner who is a veterinary assistant training to be a veterinary nurse. They also hope to welcome a new furry brother or sister for him into the family in the near future.

TEDDY Thompson

Adopted February, 2021
Teddy was snapped up by a wonderfully kind, retired couple who have homes in Spain and on the East Sussex coast. He will enjoy lovely long walks with his new dad, cuddles with his new mum and be great company for their lab/retriever.

KENJI Jojima

Adopted February, 2021
Kenji is living in luxury 25 acres in linconshire with lots of horses with Ann and partner in Lincolnshire


Adopted February, 2021
Estella (formally Sienna Miller) was found abandoned on New Years Eve, but fell on her feet when she was adopted by a vicar and writer very experienced with rescues in Totteridge


Adopted February, 2021
Lucky Lucy has gone to a wonderfully loving family in South Wales, where she enjoys being their princess and on the doorstep of a national park nearby their friend who adopted Iorek.


Adopted February, 2021
Maddy (Katie Perry), has gone to her forever home with retired teacher Pauline - who grew up on a farm with large dogs - and her adult son in Surrey, next to the greenbelt of two heath-lands. They hope she will grow up to be a wonderful reading dog for the children Pauline tutors from home.


Adopted February, 2021
Beulah, formally Salma, has gone to live with the fabulous Peter and Gavin on the outskirts of Liverpool, who – after loosing their big love of their lives – were finally ready to give another rescue a chance. They were were thrilled to welcome this gorgeous pup into their hearts.


Adopted January, 2021
We're so pleased Axarquia Animal Rescue (AAR) dog Fergi found her forever home with Alice in the UK through the Mastin Matters website. After being found roaming a waste ground in Malaga, this friendly lady deserves a loving home.

BEN Fogle

Adopted January, 2021
Now Wolfie, has gone to live an adventurous life with his very active new mum and her cats in Amersham. Future activities together will include camping and trekking on UK holiday and lots of lovely long walks.


Adopted January, 2021
Luckily little Maribel was the first amongst a litter of 8 rehomed by MM. She was collected by her new parents in Spain and taken back with them on the long journey to Scotland where she is living happily with their other dog.


Adopted December, 2020
Max (formally Russell Brand) rescued from a kill shelter in Seville. Thanks to the generous support of the MM FB community we got 3 out and homed in the UK. He now lives with a wonderful, experienced family in Maidstone, Kent with their daughter, another large doggy playmate and lots of guinea pigs!


Adopted December, 2020
Iorek was rehomed by Dog Watch UK, but after their circumstances changed over xmas we had to step in to find him an emergency home fast. Thankfully, he has gone to a loving home with a wonderful man and new cat sibling in south wales, who lives beside a rural national park and children that will dote on her. Best of luck Iorek!

LEWIS Capaldi

Adopted December, 2020
Lewis has gone to his new family in the South West, UK. The reports are perfect, his new parents and their beautiful daughter are totally smitten, and you can see from the photos that the feeling is mutual. We wish him a happy future in his new home.


Adopted December, 2020
Laurence was adopted by the wonderful Rita Ann Leach and her partner, an admin of Mastin Matters and owner of Emily Bronte(saurus). We were all holding our breath to see how the Brontesaurus would get along with this lovely big lad, and we're happy to announce very well indeed. Well done Rita!


Adopted December, 2020
Nene was an emergency rescue from Spain that MM helped our friends at Helpers of the Pods and Dogs rehome to the UK. After a bit of a bumpy start, this girl fell on her paws with a fabulous family Poole where she is best friends with their youngest and also has a doggy friend for company.

KAYA Scodelario

Adopted November, 2020
Kaya was rescued from the Spanish dog pound with a severe problem with one eye. After an operation in Spain to sort the eye out (as best as possible) she found her forever home with Niki and Bethany in Lancashire.


Adopted November, 2020
Selma was rescued from the dog pound in Northern Spain. She was terrified, beaten and bitten. After a gargantuan team effort she is now living happily with new owner Jayne in Lincolnshire alongside another Mastin called Rupert.

LUKE Skywalker

Adopted November, 2020
Luke Skywalker will fit in well with the horses (being a small horse himself) and we look forward to some fun updates with Luke taking Fleur for a walk ... ahem ... I mean Fleur taking Luke for a walk of course!


Adopted November, 2020
Kiki has gone to live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with her new doting mother and new doggie best friend. Have a happy life Kiki
Big square head


Adopted November, 2020
Matt spent the first year and half of his life on a chain before lucking out and finding a wonderful home in the UK with Giselle near Cambridge.


Adopted November, 2020
Jedo (formally Jared Leto) is such a sweet dog, he’s learning fast in his new home, is the perfect running partner for his new dad and also great with his his son – he just loves everyone! He’s part of their pack.


Adopted November, 2020
Manuela (the non-Mastin plus one we pulled from the kill shelter with two Mastins) went to live happily ever after with her new mum and kids in a lovely rural cottage near the coast in Brantham, UK.

Jonas BLUE

Adopted November, 2020
Formally Blue, rescued from a kill shelter in Seville, Ted found his forever home with a super retired couple and their cats in Derbyshire, who had been on the look out for the right Mastin for them for a while.

Mumma MIA

Adopted October, 2020
Mia got to her new home in Herefordshire by the forest of Dean with an experienced owner and other mastins to keep her company. Big thanks to her for opening her door and heart to this magnificent soul


Adopted October, 2020
Jarvis Cocker was swiftly renamed Ja Ja (Binks) by his new family in Norfolk. Have a happy life Ja Ja!!!
Handsome lad Aaron

AARON Eckhart

Adopted September, 2020
Aaron has had a long journey from Cordoba dog pound to his new home in Yorkshire. He was generously fostered, sponsored and transported by an array of Mastin Matters supporters.


Adopted September, 2020
After hard work and heartbreak this sweet boy went to his new home with a lovely lady on the Isle of White. Lucky boy, well worthwhile.
Carly Simon portrait


Adopted August, 2020
Mastin Matters brought Carly across from Spain as a scrawny juvenile. After a few months of proper feeding this leggy lady found a perfect home in Shropshire with another MM dog called Pablo Picasso.

ELMO (Seseme Street)

Adopted August, 2020
Elmo was found tied to a tree in the mountains of Northern Spain in summer 2020. We rescued him and found him a wonderful home with Greg and Ashley by the sea in Essex.


Adopted August, 2020
Isla was one of a litter of pups rescued from maltreatment in Southern Spain. After a slightly nervous start with her new Wiltshire based family she is now training to become an assistance dog for the 6 year old daughter with ADHD.

DUA Lipa

Adopted June, 2020
Dua Lipa (now Harley) was rescued after being found in Southern Spain chained to a tree with her siblings and parents. They were all sponsored by a generous Russian lady and this happy pup now called Harley has a forever home in Windsor, UK.

REESE Witherspoon

Adopted June, 2020
Now Indy was placed with Hannah & Ian in Derby as a young pup when we rescued her from the dog pound in Murcia. She apparently eats and gallops like a horse but it will save them having to buy their 3 year old a pony!
Beckham kiss


Adopted June, 2020
Beckham was rescued from a Spanish dog pound by MM and now lives with Jamie in Surrey. He initially thought he was a chicken and also loves to try and play with the neighbouring donkeys. He gives the best morning kisses.
Handsome Gordon in Scotland


Adopted May, 2020
Gordon Gecco is a gentle giant (well maybe not a giant by Mastin standards) with the sweetest, funniest personality. His impeccable behaviour whilst in foster was rewarded with an offer of a home in the Borders of Scotland. Thanks to Jenny and Tim or Pure Mountains mountain bike company for fostering him.
Emily Brontesaurus

EMILY Bronte

Adopted April, 2020
Emily Bronte - AKA the Brontesaurus – was rescued from harsh mistreatment in Spain as a starving bag of bones. She was in such bad shape we were told she was at least 8. We got her out of the kill shelter and into Spanish foster. She turned out to be young and boisterous so went for training in UK with Luosko German Shepherd Rescue. She finally found her perfect home with Rita in Cheshire.

Samantha FOX

Adopted January, 2020
Foxy was rescued by Mastin Matters. Twice in fact, after a failed adoption in the UK and a long journey by MM's very own Roger H. She is now happily settled with Jenny in the West Midlands..

CLYDE (Bonnie & Clyde)

Adopted December, 2019
Clyde arrived in St Helens to live with Wendy after a spell with the lovely Pat Waterhouse. Initially found with a doggie associate ( Bonnie of course! ) he is now happy, healthy and gaining confidence.

JUDI Dench

Adopted November, 2019
Judi arrived in Nov 2019 from a death sentence in a Spanish dog pound to her new home with Yvon in the Netherlands to live with another Mastin Matters success Sandra. After some initial jealously the 2 girls worked things out with Judi becoming the quiet and stable pack leader.

ERIC Clapton

Adopted June, 2019
Eric was found near Badajoz, Spain with his sister. Now he lives on Hayling Island, Hampshire. He's very playful with dogs and people but doesn't quite realise how big and heavy he is or how to apply his brakes! He is certainly a favourite amongst the islanders.
Handsome Kingston

KINGSTON James Rossdale

Adopted April, 2019
Rescued from a Spanish dog pound as a young dog Kingston was a super-trainable and handsome angel. Great with kids. We found him a home with a lovely couple in Leeds.

KIM Basinger

Adopted March, 2019
Kim was dumped at a Spanish dog pound with her sister. She was then fostered for 13 months until being adopted to a caring home in Derbyshire. Initially nervous and sad she is now gaining confidence and really enjoying life.
Classic Mastin Legero ... beautiful girl

CLAUDIA Winkleman

Adopted March, 2019
We discovered Claudia abandoned on the roadside. She was very thin, and when we went to collect her we found she had two sons so we rescued all three. She now has a super home in Dundee area, Scotland where she lives with a small blind terrier friend who she looks out for.


Adopted January, 2019
Cameron had the worst start to life and was lucky to survive one of the most awful Spanish dog pounds. She is now living happily in East Sussex alongside another MM rescue called Jack Black.
Jennifer Lawrence


Adopted January, 2019
Jennifer Lawrence ( now Jen ) was rescued with 3 other mastins from Ourense perrera. all 4 dogs were terrified. She now lives with Ruffalo in mid-France, is very loving, and is slowly gaining in confidence.

ARTHUR Winkleman

Adopted January, 2019
Arthur was rescued from the streets of Spain as a pup with his Mum Claudia. He subsequently suffered parvovirus, then his microchip failed just prior to travelling. He eventually made it to his forever home with Lesley in Scotland.
At 4 months old

OPRAH Winfrey

Adopted October, 2018
Oprah Winfrey (now known as Osa) and her siblings were rescued from a Spanish Farmer who did not want them. She has been adopted by a super couple who fostered her in Granada, Spain.

HECTOR (Hector's House)

Adopted October, 2018
Sadly Hector was run over as a puppy, not taken to the vet, and then the owner abandoned him up a mountain. Luckily he is a friendly dog and was found by some picnickers. He is now living his best life. Please don't disregard the disabled dogs - they have as much to offer as the abled ones!

JAKE Winkleman

Adopted September, 2018
Found on the side of a road in Spain with his Mum Claudia and brother Arthur, Mastin Matters took them in and with good food and some love he turned into a handsome big dog. He now lives with his lovely family in the UK with fellow MM adoptees Clark Gable and Banana.

RICK Parfitt

Adopted September, 2018
Rick's adopter Terri describes him as the 'gentlest, friendliest, lickiest and most stupid dog you could ever come across'. He's huge! And now living his best life in Almeria ( which apparently mostly involves sleeping and eating ).


Adopted September, 2018
Milly was rescued from northern Spain and now spends time in her homes in Dorset and Normandy. She is an intelligent little (only 40kg) girl who was frightened of everything when she first arrived. She is still frightened of children and footballs, but now completes her owner's familly.
Ready to go for check up at the vets


Adopted August, 2018
Phoebe was a 5 Month old Mastin X pup when we took her on. Such a friendly, fluffy girl, and a bit kooky - hence the name. She's now happily settled in Ibiza.
Mavis Staples

MAVIS Staples

Adopted July, 2018
MM found Mavis in a Spanish dog pound along with a male Mastin. She now lives in Cornwall helping welcome doggy guests at her Mum & Dad’s Boutique hotel. She loves everyone especially children, cats and horses. In her spare time she sheds hair and sleeps (A LOT!)


Adopted July, 2018
Patrick was one of 5 pups dumped in a crate at 4 weeks old. We rescued them all. He was adopted in Spain to a home with an existing female Mastin.

ZAC Efron

Adopted January, 2018
Lucky Zac got to stay with his foster in Alicante, Spain and lives a wonderfully happy life witha kind lady, lots of land and other dogs to play with.
Megan Fox


Adopted December, 2017
Megan was one of the pups of an unwanted factory guard dog in Spain. We rescued them all. She was adopted at 16 weeks and is now living the dream in rural Cornwall.


Adopted September, 2017
Leon was rehomed by MM to his current owner when his existing owner moved back to the UK. He currently lives near Malaga but with shortly be moving to the UK countryside. He is described as "an 80 kilo hunk of cuddles" !

MARK Ruffalo

Adopted January, 2017
Ruffalo converted his foster carers in mid-France into his forever owners by simply being his huge, hairy, loving self. Loves everyone (except horses!).

MOFLI (The Adventures of Mofli)

Adopted June, 2016
Mofli first came to our attention when he was in the terrible Spanish dog pound of Olivenza. After a year in foster he was finally adopted by Mastin Matter's very own Brigitte J. Aside from an awesome ability to scale fences Mofli mostly distinguishes himself by sleeping 24x7 ;-)

KIKA Edgar

Adopted June, 2016
Kika was rescued from the dog pound at Badajoz, Spain in May 2016. At the end of June 2016 she was able to travel to her new home with Jackie in North Devon, UK.

SANDRA Bullock

Adopted January, 2015
Initially shy and tired when rescued to her home with Yvon near Utrecht in the Netherlands, Sandra soon found her feet and became the happy, friendly cuddle monster that she is now.