Posted by: Kate of Operation Great Escape
First posted:January 25, 2022

Bluebell is thought to be a mastin x collie and was found with her sister abandoned in a rainstorm as tiny puppies, she was hand-reared for four days as they needed lots of tender loving care.
Bluebell has a head tilt, her head tips to one side but it is not an ear problem she has been seen by a vet who thinks it may have happened by a trauma, it does not affect her in her day to day life.
Bluebell is a playful girl but is a bit of a greedy girl so is fed separately (she's always interested in what everyone else has to eat).
As mastins they have territorial traits but are non-aggressive and can live with children aged over 7 years purely due to her size.
Her new owner really needs to have had experience with large breed dogs.
If you would like more information please