Posted by: Anna of Mastin Matters
First posted:April 29, 2024

This is Dennis. He's not a mastin (Labrador X Warewolf would describe his look!) but we stepped up for him when he was at risk of being moved to a horrid place in Granada - a black dog in Spain stood no chance!

Dennis is an absolute character - loves to play, have cuddles, and generally entertain you. He's extremely affectionate and is desperate for a special person to love!

Dennis is a very fast learner - he currently has great recall in an enclosed paddock. He's still mastering lead walking and can be strong at times. However, he loves his walks and bounces around like Tigger! He is always clean in his kennel and keeps his bed nice and tidy. He has a lovely shiny coat and will make you laugh all day long!

With this much character, he'd do well as an only dog in an active family with kids who are taller than him (he's labrador-sized).

Although Dennis is currently in West Sussex, he can travel to anywhere in the UK for the right home.